Nov 13, 2008

Law(less) students clash in Chennai

Yesterday night , finding sleep hard to come by , as usual scanning the TV channels ..

Totally shocked , shaken to the core by the visuals on SUN News on the clashes that broke between the students of Chennai Law College and the Police choosing to watch the spectacle with senseless awe with absolute inaction. Seems like the Guy ( Bharthi Kannan) instigated the mob fury with his sword act initially , but the kind of assault on the befallen on this poor guy is BLOOD CURLING .. I don't want that kind of punishment to my even worst enemy .. Pained and boiled at the same time , seeing the Life slowly taken out of the helpless student ,by the angry , unruly student group and could not sleep for a long time pondering on the following

  • First thing that struck me , why the senseless violence among the student community , when they are supposed to pursue a worthy education and career ? How does this gets inoculated and expressed in such an extreme fashion ? Where are we failing in getting the Social values imbibed in the education ? How did the Barbaric ways has not left us even after the humanity progressed in several levels?

  • Am shuddered by the 'Doomsday tomorrow ' that we are facing - The so-called law students , who went berserk breaking all the basic laws of education , are going to the future custodians of law enforcement and we might have to have to encounter these thugs , masquerading as Lawyers for Legal consultations

  • It is utterly stupid to read the reason for police inaction is that they were waiting for the College to summon their help . They prefer to abide the superior orders and remain as an anaesthesiated patient and watched a student gored to near death , in front of shocked public ,adjacent to esteemed High Courts .. Even though i hear , 7 police officials have been put under suspension today , I am still simmering on their ineptitude . First of all they are Humans and they should be conscient towards fellow Human tragedy and more so from their responsibility as a law & order enforcer .. TN Police , you have a created a earned yourself an un-erasable ugly scar on your face , that will haunt you for several more years , at the least..

  • What the heck the College Administration was doing when it was known that students armed with deadly weapons ( Knives , Wooden logs , Tubelights..) are congregating right from 2.00 PM in open sight and waiting for the students to come from the Examinations , reaching a crescendo by 4.00 PM? I can never get a better example than this for ' Failing in duty' .. Is there any IPC clause to punish for causing mayhem by inaction ?. The Principal is very much culpable of the offense..

  • India is still ages behind our western countries in overall progress and shamelessly touting ourselves as Next Superpower prompted by occasional heroic achievements in Technology , Business or Chandrayan or Cricket.. When are we going to overcome this caste and religion divides and progress as one country , one citizen , one goal .. I am losing hope that i will not see in my Lifetime .. It is said that we Indians have the distinction of endowed with more than a million Gods , blessing our Lives .. Wish they turn their attention to sanitise Indian minds ..

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