May 23, 2007

China - The big leap ahead - Part 1

Recently i was in Shanghai for a business trip . Was amazed at the pace of the growth , which seems like eternal with no barrier to stop or slow down ..

Clearly , politicians in China realized the need for proper infrastructure to fuel economic growth and reaping the dividends of a Grand vision . Everywhere Super Highways encouraging the drivers to speed till 120 Kmph ( of course , Chinese exceed the limit and if ever police catches , bribe your way out ) and well developed Ports and communications network . Wish our planning authorities and politicians have Exchange program with Chinese counterparts and have a chance to learn few good things in Life..

We travelled 200 kms in and around Shanghai country side , there were only technology parks or Development Zone with MNCs competing to catch the wave before it dies , investing billions of FDI in their Enterprises . Every little village is now a thriving community and Main businesses feeding several subsidiary ventures of Local community and in the process creating tens and hundreds of Enterprising Chinese Millionaires flaunting their latest and expensive cars.

Shanghai has showrooms for all cars including Ferrari , Rolls Royce , Bentley and everyotheryouname it .. There is a tremendous opportunity to cash in , instead of protesting against the Government machinery's high handedness in pushing their plan forward , most Chinese seem to embrace the changes with glee and ride the wave of prosperity ..

Chinese are generally docile , even when the China Airlines flight to Hong Kong delayed for 90 minutes keeping the passengers busy by moving them to 3 different gates , there were few brows raised and few heckles with the Airline staff . Think it's better to spend your energies on new job or a new contract rather than fighting for all petty things and arguing for hours just to prove your soul / view point is superior / right . Who cares the outcome? God help us all !!!

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Ganesan said...


This is uma , our experts need not learn from chinish official as it is a question of only accomplishing rather learning as our cultural set up is like that.

Unless each individual start changing their unnecessary traditional attitudinal and behavioural aspects nothing wopuld move here.

So no critical comments about our deserving exceptional experts please!