Jun 8, 2007

Thank God It's a FRI !

FRIday always starts with joyous thoughts of weekend plans .. Movies , Shopping ( Books ) , Football and of course Partying ..

Having neared the end of relatively stressed week , things are looking brighter with no deliveries scheduled for this FRI .. Many a times , Deliveries have become dreadful affairs , as internal customers bicker and whine more than External customers , for whose delight our Lives , Soul and our Family lives have been mortgaged by our beloved masters .. By any chance did you hear "He is very loyal and dedicated employee and deserves a hefty rise " in HMV? ( His Master's Voice ) .. BTW , what the hell happened to HMV ? Remind me to write a blog another lazy day..

What a week this has been ? Critical team members on leave , customers Furious over unsolved issues for 3 consecutive days with full throttle screaming , no one able to diagnose the issue and a Miraculous discovery on the the very day ,when Customer threatening to walk out .. But i like these Dramas , makes the job more interesting instead of monotonous 'Well Done , Kudos' always !!

Looking forward to the weekend .. one small matter of getting a Schengen Visa is on the boil .. Crazy systems .. I really do not understand why all the countries could not agree on a uniform photo code ? Each Consulate has its own official formats and Travel agency's unofficial formats..
US Visa photograph would not do for Germany and German Consulate would reject the Visa Application , if your photo eyes does not align in the Photo checking templates .. Had a nasty surprise and whole deal of frustration , last time they did that for me .. Can you believe ? I had to cancel my entire trip to Europe just b'coz , Germans believe and enact their quality Act , in every way of living !! Want to propose to the Korean Leader of UN to pass a resolution and make every country adhere to that ? Anyone for the Game ? Please write to me with your pass code to Elite Club ..

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