Sep 16, 2008

Sabarimala Pilgrimage - Part 1- 17 Sep 2008


Long time ago , in the last century 1998, I have made the trip to Sabarimala along with my Family members , who are veterans and guided me all the way . ( Accompanied by in-laws-Father & Bro-certainly helps the cause) . I was a Kannisami ( First-timer) then .. I have only few re-collections left .. like me panting and venting on the 7 km hike on hillock after a dip in Sacred Pamba , with a body so used to comfortable environs getting agitated and fuming on the hardship , when i reached the Top literally my skin was under fire ,(overheated body emitting excess heat in loads to equalize with the colder outside air - making me wonder perhaps if we can devise a contraption to capture and effective use that energy , then I am in line for next Nobel)

Think we made the trek in 3 hrs by 8.30 PM or so , had a Diya Darshanam of Lord Ayyappa . He was surrounded brilliant lighted oil-lamps and one sight of him gave that feeling of inner peace , hard to put into blog text .. The sight was immaculate , pure and Divine and His Majestic and glowing sight took the breath away , instantly giving a feeling of peace, elation and security and for a moment filled with நிர்மலமான thoughts

We slept barest of any accommodation ( 4 walls + wash) and had a morning darshan as well . Came down very fast and wanted to beat others ( my silly idea of proving a point) . Although wanted to go next time , for some reason or other either because not in the country or was not inclined to join some group

Here we are , partying on July 31st in Presidency club , we were planning for the next vacation , suddenly i proposed Sabarimala this Sep and immediately Ramesh and Subbs agreed.

So next morning , earnestly the plan was hatched up , identified the group and set the ball rolling . In no time , we had set the schedules and things fitted as rearranged parts of picture puzzle . The clock started ticking and to begin our conquest , we met up in Haddows Club for one last time before 'Viratham' and decided on the dates to start our 'Experiment with Spirtualness'

The travails and tour notes to follow..

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